Quality In-Home Care Longview & Marshall, Texas
Family Care

Family Care Services in Longview & Marshall, Texas

Many families can use a little help for those everyday activities that can get overwhelming. Acti-Kare can provide homecare services for the whole family whenever and wherever they are needed:

Mommy-To-Be Care and Mommy & Me Care

Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care provides family home care services for new parents in need of prenatal and postnatal assistance with daily tasks such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, family child care for siblings, and caring for pets. Give yourself time to prepare for baby coming home and let your Acti-Kare caregiver be a second set of hands for mom, postnatal.

Child Care

Get help with the daily task juggle. The Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care caregivers are here to help you balance Work, Family, and Home. Count on Acti-Kare responsive In-Home Care caregivers to help get homework done, dinner started, Mother hands and baby feet showing loving infant careget to band practice or dance class on time… you name it we’ve got it covered.

Vacation, Travel and Companion Care

Take your dream vacation without worrying about the kids. Or, take along your caregiver to increase the comfort level for both children and parents.

Workday Care and Sick Child Care

Acti-Kare sick child care can be invaluable for busy families whose careers make it difficult to care for a sick child. Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care caregivers will care for your child who is unable to attend daycare or school due to common illness (cold, flu, fever) until they are able to return to daycare or school.

Take-A-Break Care and Date Night Care

Take time for yourself. Go shopping, have a pedicure, dinner out, or visit with friends. Enjoy a night out on the town. You can recharge with some time alone without worrying about the children.

Summer Care

We have the answer for the summer time care dilemma. Hiring a summer caregiver is a great choice when you need childcare while school is out. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of allowing your child to stay in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of traveling to and from daycare.

After School Care

Your career doesn’t stop when the school bell rings. We can help fill in the gap so you can spend the last few hours of work focused.

Child-Care For Children With Special Needs

Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care caregivers are trained and experienced in providing assistance to children who may require a little extra assistance (Down’s Syndrome, Autism, ADHD). We provide specialized, personalized care for each child and their individual needs.